Lost password

<h2>Lost your password?</h2>New accounts use your phone number as a temporary password. Before you reset your password, first try logging in with your 10 digit phone number without any extra characters as your password. For example, use the password 1234567890 for the phone number <span style="white-space:nowrap">(123) 456-7890.</span> To ensure your account is secure, we encourage you to choose your own password on the "Account Details" page once you have logged on.<br><br>If using your phone number as your password did not work, enter the email you entered during registration (or a cell phone number if you did not enter an email) below to receive an email (or a text message) with instructions on how to reset your password.<br><br>Please note that this option will only work if you provided an email and/or cell phone number when you registered. Please note that some phones do not handle links in text messages well, so you may need to copy and paste the password reset hyperlink into a web browser.<br><br>If you did not provide an email or cell phone number when registering for your account, you will need call us at <span style="white-space:nowrap">(888) 987-5187</span> for assistance resetting your password.