Good Pill is a nonprofit pharmacy that charges a flat fee regardless of insurance status and delivers directly to the patients home.

We fill prescriptions for low-income patients. Eligible patients include those who cannot afford their co-pays/deductibles or do not have insurance.

Good Pill supports patients from outpatient clinics, hospital systems, and other community partners with ultra-low, upfront pricing.
New patients get any number of medications all for $6. Medication refills are charged the prices listed here. Shipping is free. If a medication or strength is not listed on that page then it is not currently available.

Can your patients benefit from this program?

We are a good fit when...

The patient takes chronic medications

Patient's medication costs are high

The patient has trouble getting to a pharmacy

The medication is on our Stock List.

When the patient registers, we ask for a backup pharmacy.  If you prescribe medication that we don’t have available, we automatically transfer the prescription to that pharmacy instead.

We might not be the best fit when...

Medication is needed same day.

You cannot check our stock before prescribing

Patient prefers to get prescription in-person.

Preferences for "Brand Only" or Tablets vs Capsules

Patient cannot receive shipped medicine
(shipping to P.O. Box is OK)

How It Works

Submit a prescription

Send prescriptions via e-prescription or fax:
Preferred: ePrescribing "Good Pill Home Delivery, Norcross GA" (NCPDP: 1169552)
Fax: 1-888-298-7726
Address: 1780 Corporate Dr, Ste 420
Norcross, GA 30093

If possible, send a 2nd Rx to their local pharmacy just in case there are any delays or we are out-of-stock.

Help your patient Register

(Optional) Help your patient register to get started (address, phone number, any allergies, and payment information required). If you can't, we'll contact them within 24 hours.

Medications delivered

We're a brick and mortar pharmacy located in Norcross, GA. Medications are delivered to the patients home in 5-7 business days from when we receive the prescription.

We partner with community clinics, federally qualified health centers, free clinics and other safety-net providers to help their patients get the medicine they need to stay healthy.

This includes technical support, trainings, and provider materials and collateral. Fill out our Contact Form if you're interested in partnering!

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